Thursday, 17 December 2009

Barging Along

After a uneventful three weeks moored in Walsall wharf 109 returned via the Walsall locks to the Wyrley and Essington where she headed for her Xmas break at Norton Canes Docks. On the same day Mark Pullinger of CanalScape-London sent out some screen grabs from the film "Barging along", he wanted the boats identified. So I got to work on them and WOW suddenly I as looking at "Barnet" loading!

The shot is in Limehouse dock and steel coils are being put aboard, next to her is the original paired butty "Barrhead". She was identified by the public health number which shows up as 181 on a high res scan.

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Chris.Potter said...

Interesting. Where did your friend see this film?
I have a complete copy on 16mm film,I know only of one other copy. There may be more.Thank you for identifiying two of the boats.We will have to work on some of the others.CKP