Monday, 25 May 2009

CanalscapeBCN Livery

Over the bank holiday weekend 109 had a livery change. Canalscape is adopting a dark blue and golden yellow livery, reminisint of BW but alterered to suit the boat. The boat is in its final stages of prep before being cruised around the BCN's lesser used waters.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Friends Re-United

Further commisioning runs have been made to shake down 109 before more extensive ventures are made. Some problems showed up which had previously missed our eyes, these have now been rectified and join the long list of repairs which have been attended to.

Friday 22nd may saw Keith Grice on a training run down the arm, put back on board to was "Barney" the black squeeky rat, Barnet's former mascot and now returned to the cabin! Mr Morse the yard cat was not impressed.

Barnet Makes a New Friend - Beauty and the Beast

With repairs to the cabin complete I haven't had much to blog about. So I thought I'd post a photo of Barnet with the other resident working boat at Norton Canes, Sarah's Josher, Vienna.

Sunday, 10 May 2009


The first week of May saw several trial runs of 109 down the Cannock extension, these were undertaken to ascertain the amount of removable water ballast required before more solid loading is put in place.

We need more 50 gall drums for sure so the search is on.

Sparky winding Barnet at Pelsall Junction

Cabin Works Completed

Cabin and engine room interiors are now finished, decoration saw both laurence and is ex working in unison! Laurence scumbling and painting castles, Gill adding the Roses. The Roses were all finished in just 2 hours!

Our attention will now focus on the exterior of the boat, converting the Challenger renmants of livery to Blue and Gold CanalScape - BCN livery.

So far all the work has been funded by the core members, Laurence clocking up some 350 hours working 7 days a week over the last two months or so in order to push the project forward. May was the intended completion date for all scheduled work, this was concluded by May 3rd.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Roses ... and Castles

Barnet at Pelsall Common

Castles by Laurence

Roses by Gill Hogg