Sunday, 5 April 2009

Shake Down Day

After some three weeks working on the boat Laurence had all but finished the rewire and equipment fit out. Just a few minor jobs to do before re-decoration could start. Mindful of the hammering the boat had experienced in the hands of BW, Sarah suggested a trial run to see how the boat would perform.

Sunday April 5th was a fine sunny day, the boat was run astern to the Grove basins, the repairs to the flight plate immediately were noted as the boat steered very well – astern. Winding at the Grove a run was made for Pelsall Jcn, stiffness in the rudder at around 100 degrees became very obvious, this may be due to a bent stock or a problem with the bearing.

Winding and returning to the yard the boat performed well with no significant issues. Work can now be done to see the boat through the BSC and re decoration is expected to start very soon.

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